The GROW Network

The GROW Network is a collective of homeschooling parents and cooperatives rooted in the principles of Conscious Parenting and Unschooling. We utilize proven systems rooted in liberation, sustainability and unconditional love to support families and communities in reaching their fullest potential for happiness and success.

Join The GROW Network

Network $50/mo.

Network Membership for Individuals and Co-ops

Listing on Network Website

Weekly Support Zoom Meetup

Agile Learning Center Tools Training

Conscious Parenting Advice

Private Facebook Support Group

Marketing & Exposure For Co-ops

Turn-Key $250/mo.

  • All Tier 1 Consultations
  • Organizational Support
    • Use of the Network website for enrollment
    • Access to network’s Google Drive for Partnership Forms/Templates (Application, Health & Authorizations, Co-op Handbook, Schedule, etc.)
  • Free Access to the webinar “How To Focus On Learning: A deschooling guide for supporting the self-directed child" by Akilah Richards & Dr. Sundiata.
  • Email consultation During Work Hours.

Partner $500/mo.

  • All Tier 1-2 Consultations
  • Program Start-Up Coaching & Support
  • A Personalized Website
  • Private trainings on how to use the ALC tools
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Phone Consultation During Work Hours.
  • Dr. Sundiata will serve as your Organizational Facilitator by:
    • Creating your website
    • Processing and organizing your membership applications & forms.
    • Coaching you on how to run and organize your Parent Partner meetings.
    • Co-planning for all organizational level tasks with your co-op.

The Network level ($50/mo.) includes a "Pay-What-You-Can" option for those unable to pay the suggested amount.

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