Core Values

We Cultivate...


...creativity as our priority; it is the genesis to excellence.


...a self-directed learning environment, where learners are free to explore, discover, create, and solve problems.


...critical thinking by supporting learners’ desire to solve challenging problems.

~AUTHENTICITY~ environment where trust and honest communication inspires learners to be their truest selves.


... a safe place for learners to exercise integrity, seize opportunities, take risks, and learn from the outcomes.


… relationships and build trust through open dialogue where every child and adult stakeholders voice is honored.


… strength of character by providing the space, time, and encouragement needed for learners to persevere.


… empathy, tolerance, emotional intelligence, and mental well-being to help learners remain conscious and aware of their needs and the needs of others.


… a culture where attention to detail, personal growth, evolution, and innovation are the standard.


…an awareness of our responsibility to make choices that maintain and replenish our community and environmental resources.


… opportunities and 24/7 access for learners to creatively pursue their purpose, create, and solve problems for their families, communities, and an ever-changing world.


... understanding and respect of individual differences even if we do not agree with those differences.


... a culture where we prioritize authentic relationships that are rooted in patience and belief in each individual and the unfolding of their unique nature.


... a culture that models the ability to listen and understand thoughts, ideas, and feelings from another persons perspective.